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THIS blog is about ideas - big and small - connected with one of the things I care about with a passion, namely the future of liberal thought in this country. I am instinctively a radical liberal, with a grudging belief in the value of markets but an abhorrence of statism and indifference, and a strong belief in social justice. I find Labour bankrupt of ideas, and the Tories intellectually flacid. This is my response.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lembit for Party President?!?

Like thousands of others, I have received an email from Lembit Opik soliciting my vote for the position of President of the Liberal Democrats. I have to say almost the first line put me off voting for him: "I have always believed the Party President is the ideal job for me", he writes, as if that is a recommendation. Hmmmm. Modesty? Evidence of fitness? Strategy? No, just vote for me to make me happy. Encouraging, isn't it?


Steve Guy said...

Great to see a new blog - welcome!

I think what Lembit actually means, though, is that the position of President would be an ideal use of his talents (which he undoubtedly has) and not that it would just make him personally happy!

Good luck with your blog!

Mark Gray said...

Nope, Steve, sorry. What he says is what he means.

I may think that being the Chancellor of the Exchequer would be the ideal use of my talents, but asserting that in the hope that the scales with fall from the eyes of others and they will recognise my uniqueness and fitness for that one office is daft. Moreover it suggests a degree of personal arrogance that is unattractive.